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Alan Stellings Plays Oscar Peterson:

A Four Cello Experience



cello music picture of mycellomusic.com cello recording of cellist Alan Stellings Plays Oscar Peterson a Four Cello Experience CD coverReleased in 2002, Alan Stellings' multitrack recording of the complete 8 song "Canadiana Suite" by Oscar Peterson represents a landmark in cello recording. Oscar Peterson's original 1964 recording of the "Canadiana Suite" with  Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums serves as the model for this recording. Stellings has arranged, recorded and produced all 8 songs plus the Bonus Track blues number, "Smudge." The result is fascinating. The multitrack cello lines sound like four individual cellists in live performance. The soulfulness of the cello brings out the beauty of the ballad "Land of the Misty Giants" and the old Montreal atmosphere in  "Laurentide Waltz." The cellos really swing in "March Past" and in "Wheatland." Other tracks include, "Hogtown Blues", "Ballad of the East", "Blues of the Prairies" and "Place St. Henri." Listen to the Audio Sound Clips to experience this wonderful recording.


March Past (Complete track) Land of the Misty Giants Wheatland (Complete track) Laurentide Waltz
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